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It’s NOT about doing a “man’s job.” It’s not about welding airplanes or powering a rivet gun. It’s about doing what needs to be done. It’s about standing up when duty calls.  It’s about self reliance and confidence.  It’s about building a better world with each job well done, each child well raised, each step forward, each rivet placed, every day. It’s about working together. So tie on your polka dotted scarf and get to work. Because you are a Modern Rosie.


Modern Rosie is about loving the journey that you are on. It’s about embracing adventure and art, nurturing our creative spirits, honoring our duties to family and community and tying on our red polka dot bandanas and shouting, “We can do it!” It’s also a little about submarines and suitcases, the ocean, road trips, military families and cute furry things, coffee and wine and good books, because what would life be like without them!

Our Artists: Becky Litton Katie Scarlett Faile

About our shop

The Modern Rosie design shop creates art prints, stationery, fabric, accessories and home decor items all featuring the art of Illustrator Becky Litton along with guest artists.  We specialize in nautical and submarine items as well as beach, adventure and nature themes. Most prints and paper goods are produced in house, while home decor times and accessories are produced by trusted companies with a license to reproduce our artwork.  We love our designs and we wouldn’t put them on anything other than top quality.  If you have any questions or a concern please contact us.