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Modern Rosie

The Submarine Mermaid Sisterhood Challenge Coin

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We are so proud to introduce our first ever Modern Rosie Challenge Coin. Our first coin is dedicated to Submarine Wives, Girlfriends and Significant others - The Mermaid Sisterhood. 

The Front of our Mermaid Sisterhood Coin features the words "The Mermaid Sisterhood. Our Love Runs Deep" and two lovely mermaids supporting a submarine in a shape evocative of the Dolphin Fish of the Submarine Insignia. Surrounding the mermaids are seven flowers representing the seven submarine bases (and our sisters who are stationed there). On the back, over the classic Navy Wife symbol of a rose and anchor, are the words "Devoted, Steadfast, United." And finally, around the edge of the back is written, "Together we will send them to their watch in the depths. For there is strength in those who send their hearts to sea."

Our coins measure 1.75 inches in diameter and come in a protective plastic pouch. Artwork and Design by Modern Rosie artist Becky Litton.

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